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In a rapidly shifting and cluttered search engine landscape, it is critical your Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is being optimized to maximize every dollar spent. Using the latest optimization techniques, the PPC Marketing experts from The Point Partners can help inject optimized Google, Bing & Facebook PPC campaigns into your broader digital marketing mix and rise above the clutter.

The Point Partners approach

Your account is unique. So are your goals. At The Point Partners, we execute an extensive review before ever laying a finger on your account, so your team has an intimate understanding of your business, goals, history, competition, and more. Once launched, your custom developed campaigns are monitored, evaluated, analyzed and optimized to meet and exceed your goals. Using best practices developed over 10+ years, our approach includes (but is certainly not limited to):

  • Account wide audit
  • Optimized account structure
  • Quality score strategies
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Ad testing and optimization
  • Landing page testing and optimization
  • Shopping feed management and optimization
  • Quality score strategies
  • Transparent and customized reporting
  • Integration with Acquisio Performance Media Platform

Your success is our own

When choosing a PPC Advertising Management company, you want a provider whose success is directly connected to your own. At The Point Partners, we don’t rely on a large volume of accounts to drive profitability. Our profitability is driven fostering long-term relationships. Your account is one of less than eight being managed at any given time by your team. This allows your PPC team to become experts in your business and deliver the labor-intensive and intricate work required in today’s PPC environment. In many cases, clients come to consider The Point Partners to be an extension of their own internal resources because of this level of dedication and a “just down the hall” communication style.

“PPC experts, huh? Prove it.”

In the PPC marketing world, it is important to remain agile. If your Google Pay Per Click campaigns are not performing, you can halt them at any time without incurring more cost from the search engine. We believe it is only right for advertisers to retain that same flexibility when engaging with an SEM vendor. That is why all our PPC Management clients enjoy 30-day evergreen contracts. Unlike many agencies, there is no “also” set up fee. By reducing the length of commitment and startup costs to advertisers, the risk to partner with The Point Partners is effectively neutralized.

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