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Social media has changed the lens in which online marketing can be viewed. At the heart of this change, paid social media can be found.

Paid advertising on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are incredible demand generating opportunities that did not exist very long ago. For many advertisers, this is an excellent way to engage with customers and create demand where demand does not inherently exist. However, success within these platforms can and should be measured just like any other tactic that relies on the CPC metric. The Point Partners help establish and meet those goals for advertisers unsure of how paid social can positively impact their business.

Does Paid Social Advertising work?

With Facebook and other social networks following suit, the potential organic exposure of any brand has shrunk because of the increased real estate given to ads (as well as algorithm changes to news feeds). This has led to greater competition between advertisers. Just as we have seen in the evolution of paid search marketing, the CPC rates have increased because of big brands clamoring to grow their awareness.

However, for most advertisers social advertising isn’t about building awareness. For paid social to be effective, it needs to be driving revenue or positively impacting the conversion cycle. A recent study shows 9 in 10 social content interactions are in the middle of a purchase cycle. This demonstrates how crucial social media and paid social advertising are in the pursuit of new customers.

Paid Social Strategy

Because paid social can be used for everything from brand awareness to direct response, it can be incredibly challenging to create and optimize campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Luckily, the basic elements of all of these platforms share common campaign creation and optimization characteristics:

Research & Development: The Point Partners help identify and define your target audience, competitor campaigns and KPIs for success measurement.

Campaign Management: Budgets, bids, and creative development are equally as important. Budgets can easily run over, and bids can play a big role if not carefully structured and monitored. Moreover, unlike search, social ads can have a very short shelf life necessitating constant updating to avoid fatigue. Daily management is the only solution.

Tracking & Reporting: The Point Partners work hand in hand with advertisers to deliver the analysis they need and the data they crave.

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