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Your companies social media footprint is critical to its success. By expanding your social media engagement, you can create a mountain of new opportunities that can turn into new customers. An advanced social media campaign is how your business creates brand awareness and buzz; this produces better search results which mean an increase in views, customers and sales.

Social media done right

Getting your business on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is just the beginning. At The Point Partners, we use the latest strategies to stay ahead of the social trends. By identifying a company’s audience and producing engaging content and promotions, our strategies produce communities and excite influencers — delivering measurable results for your brand. Our goal is to get your brand involved with the social conversation. This is how we do it:

Social media profile: Your social profile is where it starts. By creating a persuasive and creative profile that represents your brand’s style, users will be motivated to follow you, and share your message.

Messaging: The top social media campaigns have the best messaging. At The Point Partners, our experts blend community, engagement and promotion. It could be messaging that drive sales (like a discount), a question that elicits participation or a fascinating news bulletin; our social media messaging increases the potential and impact for our clients.

Promotion: By engaging customers with meaningful conversations and direct contributions, your business can generate excitement with exclusive offers and discounts for your audience. Contests, content sharing initiatives, and coupons are among the many promotions your brand can offer to drive attention.

Increase likes: Every time a user likes your page; the data becomes a social endorsement integrated into search results. At The Point Partners, we make it a mission to increase your likes with a successful campaign and social strategy — that now affects all facets of marketing.

Reporting: Every client receives a detailed report of metrics and analytics to determine overall progress and future strategy (e.g. views, comments, shares, user interactions, buzz, analysis).

The Point Partners will help you comprehend your business goals and position your social media strategy accordingly.

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